Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Why did the tomato blush? 
- Because he saw the salad, dressing.

 best vegetarian restaurant 

It's already the 30th and almost the end of our first month in this New Year: 2013.
Whoa, time has gone quick and it will be summer in no time!

But that's just an intro. Maybe you know, and if not: you do now, that I work for an adolescent radio programme every Wednesday called 'JUS' on the student radio
I could encourage you guys to listen, but it's in Dutch and regional you probably wouldn't...

Anyhow one of the columns (my is blog is one too!) is "The Veggie Blog" which is basically the two vegetarians of our group (Amadeo and me) telling about our life as a veggie. Now, a week ago we decided to look for the Best Vegetarian Restaurant of Ghent!
We have already visited one place and loved it! The boss of this restaurant (called 'Komkommertijd') has worked for Urgent a few years ago so we gave him a bonus point, haha.

13,50 euros for a buffet (soup + cold + warm + dessert), not much for what you get, you'd say but for a student 14 euros is quite a lot really... But the food was especially pleasing to the tongue!
The big thing for me was that I didn't have to stop and stare at the food to see if there was meat in it or not, because it was all vegetarian and maybe even vegan.

I'm a vegetarian for 4 years now (in April it's exactly 4 years!) and because it's almost summer I'm going to search for some healthy but so delicious recipes. Because Winter will be over soon and bikini bodies need to be ready and steady girls!
(lol I'm saying that now and please remind me of it in 2 weeks or so while I'm eating pizza hahaha)

This might be a long post and I'm pretty sure you didn't read it but oh well, I did what I like: blogging!

Cheers to you and your health and see you next month ;-) 



  1. hihi true :)! bikini figuurtje moet aan gewerkt gaan worden!

  2. If your blog is long mines are never ending! anyway I think its brilliant how you're a vegetarian, and its great theres more and more vegetarian resturants opening everywhere, cause even though I eat meat when I go out I always choose the vegetarian option

    p.s I'm holding a little giveaway on my blog if you're interested

  3. I read it all! Congrats on being vegan and i too need to get my body ready...its gonna be here before we know it! lol
    Great post love :)

  4. Yay - I'm also a veggie!
    And also thanks for your comment!

    Have the loveliest day,

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now =)

  6. Knap dat je al zo lang vegatatier ben! Wat heb jij trouwens een leuke blog. Volgens mij volg ik je nog niet. Heb je ook bloglovin? Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

  7. Wat knap dat je al zo lang vegetariƫr bent!
    Ik moet ook maar weer eens gaan kijken voor gezonde recepten haha.

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug